John Lennon once said about his songwriting process, "You see? You just write what you feel even if you don't know where it'll take you." Our philosophy with this record was to do just that. And then once the songs were written, to let them go where they felt, even when we didn’t know where they were going to end up. No preconceived arrangements, genre boundaries, or creative limits.  “Do It Yourself” is not only the title track of this album, but also the way this album came to be. To Warren Hibbert – co-writer/ producer/ guitar player/ friend/ – we did this ourselves (with very special thanks to the people listed below!) Enjoy the music, everyone – 

Thank You:

Mom, Dad, Meg (aka Pud, "Sweet Sunshower" is for you), PJ Post, Nicole Green, Alan Bowers, Rod Ollerenshaw, Jenn Henning, Allen Morgan, Chris Burns, Don Oriolo, Everyone at Thunder 106 (Marty Mitchell, Rich Morena, Chris Van Zant, Dan Giannascoli, Mike Neff, Paul Van Dusen), Tony DiDomenico, Karl Latham, M David Leeds, Lenny Hayden, Mom and Dad Hibbert, Ron Haffkine, and Pat Holt.