No Second Chances (Tennessee) (Allyn)

Five years ago or so

Back when you had a certain glow

There was nothing you could do or say

To make me want to leave


But it’s over now

Couple years since I’ve been around

I had almost put you right out of my head

But now you’re back


And you’re calling


He treats me good

Like I’d always hoped you would

And I never would have met him

If I hadn’t shook you loose


If he heard you now

Things might come unwound

So would do please me the courtesy

Of being quiet


But you’re calling




Won’t you let me be

With your city of broken promises and unfulfilled dreams

Why should I come back now

After you tore me down

Don’t you think I learned my lesson the first time around

No second chances, Music City

No late romancing’s gonna get me

No second chances


Wasn’t it you who said

I needed to clear my head

So I made my choice and packed my bags

And pointed myself north


Yeah I might have thought

That this was a temporary spot

But you never called, you never wrote

And I never wished you well


And now you’re calling





Did I not give you enough

To deserve your love?

If I say I’m sorry now

Would you let me have some peace?


Should we meet again

Would it be like it’s always been?

Would you take me in and use me up

Then turn me back around?


Why are you calling?


Quit your calling



Posted on April 3, 2016 .