Perfect (Allyn/Hibbert)

You wreck me baby

I guess I probably wreck you too

A little messed up, but addicted to love

You’re the dynamite and you’re the glue


You say you’re mad now

Well hey, you’re not the only one

It’s a two-way street, but in the middle we’ll meet

Forget about it when the morning comes


We’ve been together for a while now

And every button that you’ve got I can easily hold down

But love ain’t a contest, I don’t care who’s right or wrong

I’m not giving you up over stupid stuff when I know we’ve got it going on


A puzzle fits together so seamlessly

But I think we could lose some pieces and we’d still be complete

Cuz I’ll hold you together when you’re missing a few

And you can help me find mine when they’ve all run loose

I like the way your hand fits in mine

And how our legs and our arms feel all entwined

There might be some places where we don’t intersect

But baby those are the flaws that make us perfect


A million reasons

For you to walk away

It’s a give and a take, there are mistakes we’ll make

But I really think you should stay


Do I love you?

Oh baby, let me count the ways 

You’re a whole lot more, than I was looking for

You’re my every night and my all day 


Nothing to do but take our best shot

And I can promise you I’m gonna give it everything I’ve got

Say that you’re with me and you can have all of me

The good and the bad, the calm and the mad, and everything in between

Posted on April 3, 2016 .